Micro-Enterprise Initiative in the Micro-city

From a business specializing in event lighting to one focused on agriculture, micro-enterprises have been incubating at Arcosanti since the new Foundation-sponsored program was introduced earlier in 2020. Jewelry design, branded apparel, and more are being led by Arcosanti-based entrepreneurs. Read about their experiences through their blog posts as they grow their business endeavors from the ground up.

Hamaila LLC

I first visited Arcosanti in February 2020 and it felt like ...

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Arcology Apparel is the New Apparel Line from Arcosanti!

Arcology Apparel is co-founded by Jessica and Rob Jameson, who ...

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Deep Play is the New Immersive Experience Business at Arcosanti

Deep Play is an exciting new venture at Arcosanti for doing 360 ...

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Lexicon Light Production Services LLC

Lexicon Light Production Services LLC has had quite the ...

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Arco Agritecture

Arco Agritecture is the microbusiness I’ve decided to begin ...

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