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Enriching Arts and Educational Programs at Arcosanti

Within a decade of its groundbreaking, Arcosanti was a bustling place of ingenuity, activity, and industry. Its residents and Workshoppers were living in and working on building their experimental city. Modest, temporary living quarters gave way to more permanent structures that in turn evolved into the distinctive architecture we know today. This new kind of city with its multi-use, integrated live-work spaces brought its residents closer to nature and closer to each other in a way that was as frugal and minimalistic as it was experientially enriching. As with most cities, Arcosanti developed cultural connections to engage with its residents and the curious public. Arcosanti became a hub for performing arts like theatre, dance, and music. It also hosted some of the best and brightest minds to lecture and debate the ideas of our times.


Performing Arts Programs at the Urban Laboratory

Arcosanti has a rich tradition of presenting exciting and innovative performances and lively events. From classical music concerts to acrobatic fire circus performances, public programming has continued over Arcosanti’s 50 years and is a vital part of resident life and our continued public outreach. Due to COVID-19, much of our robust schedule of events, performances, and public programming has been suspended in 2020 and for the foreseeable future. We look forward to welcoming audiences back to Arcosanti to enjoy programs like nothing else in a setting like nowhere else!

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Experience Arcosanti Through Educational Tours, Programs, and Lectures

Learn More About the Ideas and People Shaping the Experiment

The best way to understand Arcosanti’s place in history, its architecture, and its relevance today is to experience it first-hand. From insightful educational lectures, daily tours, and three new specialty tours to private educational opportunities for corporate, college, K-12, or retreat groups, Arcosanti has developed programs that engage audiences of every age and interest in an interpretive exploration of Arcosanti and the philosophy of arcology that it was founded on.

If a visit to Arcosanti isn’t possible, our educators can bring Arcosanti to you! Schools, businesses and professional organizations, as well as a variety of groups and clubs have invited Arcosanti educators to bring Arcosanti’s interesting history off the mesa and into class rooms and board rooms.

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