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The Archives at Arcosanti

The Cosanti Foundation is fortunate to hold an extensive and intact collection of archival materials documenting nearly a century of organizational history and prehistory, from Soleri’s earliest pen-and-ink writings and drawings, to thousands of photos of the construction of Cosanti and Arcosanti, to current digital 3D and virtual models of potential future arcologies, and much more.

You can explore some of our archival materials through the links on this page. You can also arrange to take an in-person tour of The Archives at Arcosanti via special appointment. Requests for access to specific archival materials can be made via email.

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Second Canvas

Through collaboration with Second Canvas, we have recreated some of our original sketches and scrolls as super-high-resolution digital images for you to explore in detail.

Second Canvas empowers museums and archival institutions to “experiment with new possibilities for artwork digitized in super high-resolution (SHR), a tool focused on helping museums to build multimedia experiences by combining SHR images with interactive storytelling.”

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Arizona Memory Project

We have partnered with the Arizona Memory Project to provide a special collection of multimedia archival materials to the public in the context of Arizona’s rich cultural history and heritage.

The Cosanti Foundation wishes to especially thank Ryan Ehrfurth (Digital Project Manager at Arizona Memory Project | Special Maps Collection, Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records) for his assistance in curating and creating this collection.

View the Arizona Memory Project

ASU PRISM Collection

Additional archival materials are also found in the Paolo Soleri Collection at Arizona State University Library’s Design and the Arts Special Collections, including audiovisual materials, slides, photographs, ephemera, drawings, and newspaper clippings. Many audiovisual materials and slides have been digitized and are available on ASU Library’s digital collections repository, PRISM, at Paolo Soleri Collection.

View the ASU PRISM Collection

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