Archives at Arcosanti: A Gateway to Its Past

The Paolo Soleri Archives

The Soleri Archives at Arcosanti is a little-known, but highly important part of Arcosanti, Cosanti, and The Cosanti Foundation. A treasured repository for architectural sketches, drawings, notes, 3-D models, manuscripts, and more, the Soleri Archives endeavoring to make some of its extensive collection available, for the first time, digitally. View some of the annotated Soleri sketchbook excerpts and scrolls here.

Archives: Curated Selections

Arcosanti Archives on Second Canvas

The Cosanti Foundation has collaborated with Second Canvas to create some of Paolo Soleri’s original sketches as super high-resolution digital images. Through the Arcosanti Archives – Second Canvas app, these images help to make highly theoretical concepts of arcology more accessible, relatable, and useful blueprints for sustainable design in the 21st century.

Second Canvas empowers museums and archival institutions to, “experiment with new possibilities for artwork digitized in super high-resolution (SHR), a tool focused on helping museums to build multimedia experiences by combining SHR images with interactive storytelling.”

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Arizona Memory Project

The Archives at Arcosanti hold and preserve a variety of materials, most importantly the original architectural sketches and three-dimensional works by Paolo Soleri for his built and theoretical projects.

In addition, a significant portion of the Archives at Arcosanti is devoted to documenting the history of Cosanti, Arcosanti, and the nonprofit, Cosanti Foundation. The Archives consist of works on paper, photography, film footage, sculpture, architectural models, and other expressive media.

With special acknowledgement to:

Ryan Ehrfurth – Digital Project Manager at Arizona Memory Project | Special Maps Collection, Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records

Hildemar (Hildi) Cruz – Arcosanti Alumna

View the Arizona Memory Project Legacy Website has undergone many revisions throughout its history, including this latest version you’re viewing now. One such former version is a unique chronicle of Arcosanti and continues to be useful for researchers, historians, journalists, and alumni of Arcosanti, so we continue to make our legacy website available.

Many people reference the “Arco News” that was published almost daily for many years during construction of Arcosanti, which is most accessible by finding a date in the calendar (top left of the home page) or clicking on one of the tags (bottom left of the home page).

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