Hands-On Workshops at Arcosanti

Learning through doing has been a guiding principle of Arcosanti since the beginning in 1970. Come learn new skills in an immersive learning environment unlike anywhere else. You’ll be connected to and inspired by the unspoiled natural surroundings and the iconic architecture while you learn new art forms. You can choose to commute to Arcosanti or stay as an overnight guest in one of our featured Greenhouse Guest Rooms. We also offer workshops at Cosanti, in Paradise Valley.


5 Day Experience Week

At Arcosanti, the unique and vibrant built environment is a living archive that represents the collective efforts of over 8,000 dedicated volunteers since 1970. The 5 Day Immersive Experience gives participants the unique opportunity of living among the Arcosanti community of 70 year-round residents while gaining in-depth insight into the ethos of this special place, situated on 4,000 acres of undeveloped Arizona high desert.

Upcoming Dates:

October 7 – 11

Cost: $900 Includes overnight accommodations, daily lunch and dinner
Maximum Number of Participants: 9

Arcosanti still casting workshop

1-Day Silt Casting Workshop

In this hands-on workshop participants will learn and experience the unique earth cast process developed at Cosanti and utilized at both Cosanti and Arcosanti. This process involves using the ground as the formwork to create the Cosanti bells and pottery. Participants will have the opportunity to cast and create their own one-of-a-kind ceramic bell.

Upcoming Dates:

October 17 at Arcosanti

November 1 at Cosanti

November 15 at Arcosanti

December 5 at Cosanti

Cost: $160
Maximum Number of Participants: 8


3-Day Metalworking Workshop

Beginner: Participants will learn the proper safety and basics of metalworking. During the class you will learn metalworking skills that can have many applications, both artistic and structural, taught through hands-on use of metalworking tools.

Intermediate / Advanced: During these classes you will learn metalworking skills that can have many applications, both artistic and structural, taught through hands-on use of metalworking tools.

Upcoming Dates:

October 30 – November 1

November 13 – November 15

December 4 – December 6

Cost: $450
Maximum Number of Participants: 4

Arco Photo

1-Day Photography Workshop

The architecture of Arcosanti is the perfect backdrop for a 1-day photographic experience. Participants will learn the use of creative techniques that incorporate depth of field, shutter speed, and exposure compensation alongside both artistic and impactful approaches to composition. General architectural information will be provided throughout the tour and architectural elements will be highlighted.

Upcoming Dates:

October 18

November 7

Cost: $200
Maximum Number of Participants: 8

Lighting Workshop

3-Day Lighting Workshop

In this workshop participants will move between daytime discussions of theatrical lighting design theory to nighttime lighting laboratory application sessions, where the theory is applied. Subjects such as color theory, storytelling through light, and sculpting three-dimensional models through shadow, will all be explored in the beautiful outdoor stage environments of Arcosanti. Participants will leave with a basic understanding of the art of lighting design, a basic lighting vocabulary, and photographs of their light-lab creations.

Upcoming Dates:

October 2 – October 4

December 11 – December 13

Cost: $400
Maximum Number of Participants: 8


2-Day Glassblowing Workshop

Since 2011 Joshua Dopp of “Highway Hotshop” has been bringing glass blowing and glass casting workshops to this very inspirational location. The class starts with an introduction to Arcosanti and a Site Tour, and will then include: glassblowing safety and best practices, proper technical positioning, proper tool use, and a brief history of glass working and latest trends. You will learn how to make a drinking glass.

Upcoming Dates:

October 10 – October 11

Cost: $300
Maximum Number of Participants: 6


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