Hands-On Workshops at Arcosanti

Learning through doing has been a guiding principle of Arcosanti since the beginning in 1970. Come learn new skills in an immersive learning environment unlike anywhere else. You’ll be connected to and inspired by the unspoiled natural surroundings and the iconic architecture while you learn new art forms. You can choose to commute to Arcosanti or stay as an overnight guest in one of our featured Greenhouse Guest Rooms. We also offer workshops at Cosanti, in Paradise Valley.

2021 Workshops
Arcosanti still casting workshop

1-Day Silt Casting Workshop

In this hands-on workshop participants will learn and experience the unique earth cast process developed at Cosanti and utilized at both Cosanti and Arcosanti. This process involves using the ground as the formwork to create the Cosanti bells and pottery. Participants will have the opportunity to cast and create their own one-of-a-kind ceramic bell.

Upcoming Dates:

March 13th at Arcosanti

March 20th at Cosanti

April 3rd at Cosanti

April 11th at Arcosanti

April 24th at Cosanti

May 1st at Arcosanti

May 8th at Arcosanti

Cost: $160
Maximum Number of Participants: 8


1 Day Photography Workshop

The architecture of Arcosanti is the perfect backdrop for a 1-day photographic experience. Participants will learn the use of creative techniques that incorporate depth of field, shutter speed, and exposure compensation alongside both artistic and impactful approaches to composition. General architectural information will be provided throughout the tour and architectural elements will be highlighted. Besides receiving an intimate look at

Upcoming Dates:

March 27th

April 17th

May 15th

Cost: $200
Maximum Number of Participants: 8


5 Day Experience Week

At Arcosanti, the unique and vibrant built environment is a living archive that displays the collective efforts of over 8,000 individual workshop participants and volunteers going back more than 5 decades. The 5 Day Immersive Experience allows participants the unique opportunity of living amongst the community of around 70 full-time residents, while learning and experiencing the ethos of the work which takes place here. Experience all of this against the backdrop of 4,000 acres of undeveloped Arizona high desert.

This class starts with an introduction to Arcosanti and Site Tour, and will then include: a deep dive into the Soleri Archives, a Ceramic Silt Casting workshop, and a guided Nature Hike in the Agua Fria River Riparian Area.

Upcoming Dates:

April 28-May 2

May 26-30

Cost: $990
Maximum Number of Participants: 8


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