Arcosanti Alumni

The Hands and Hearts That Built Arcosanti

Arcosanti Alumni are the 8,000+ people who have completed a 5-6 week apprenticeship-style workshop at Arcosanti and Cosanti since the first “Silt Pile Workshop” in 1963. Participants came from around the world, representing a variety of trades, disciplines, socio-economic backgrounds and education. Galvinized by a shared belief in finding a better way to build cities and communities while respecting the ecology of the plane, these volunteers helped to build Arcosanti.

We fondly refer to this special group of people in the history of our organization as alumni. Without them, Arcosanti would not have been built or been recognized in the history of architecture for its contributions to sustainable building practices. Many alumni have stayed on – or returned – to volunteer their time and talents to Arcosanti, which in the parlance of Arcosanti Alumni is sometimes called simply, “The Project.”. Still others went on to apply their experiences and knowledge gleaned during their Workshop into their lives and their work. The hard work and time that Arcosanti’s alumni gave in the service of the Urban Laboratory continues to impress and astonish us and all those who visit Arcosanti.

United by their unique experiences gained through Workshops, The Cosanti Foundation supports and encourages all of the efforts of Arcosanti Alumni to remain connected to each other and to what is happening at Arcosanti today.

Alumni Facebook Group

The Arcosanti Alumni Facebook Group has active dialogue and is a good way to stay connected to the people you spent time with when you were at Arcosanti. The group on Facebook is a good place to share interesting projects, topical stories on architecture, and other resources that relate to Arcosanti, arcology, and innovative urban designs around the world. We invite you to join the group and connect with The Cosanti Foundation and your fellow alumni.

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Alumni Records Database

Remember those index cards you filled out when you first came to Arcosanti for a Workshop? Well, we’ve gotten a little more sophisticated over the years but we’re still only as accurate as the information you share with us. Please help us keep our records current. Maybe you’ve moved, changed jobs, or have a different email address… whatever it is, we’d like to know so we can stay in touch.

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Arcosanti Memories

2020 marks the 50th anniversary of when ground was first broken at Arcosanti. Arcosanti Alumni have such incredible stories…we’d love to hear yours. When you share your Arcosanti memory with us, be sure to include your name, workshop year (if applicable), and mailing address. In exchange, we’ll send you a limited edition Arcosanti 50th Anniversary Logo decal and possibly include your memory in our e-newsletter or included on this website.

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