Celebrating 50 Years

2020 brings a year of celebration; it is 50 years since The Cosanti Foundation and alumni began building Arcosanti, which has been consistently inhabited since 1970! We continue to recommit to our mission to explore the experiential and educational benefits of integrating architecture and ecology and look forward to the next 50 years.

As a part of this celebration, we wanted to create a unique and memorable image that represents Arcosanti and this milestone. We sought the help of someone with a passion for design and the love for Arcosanti that can only come from being an alumnus. So, we tapped “friend of the Foundation” and former Workshopper, Alison King: illustrator; designer; college instructor; art historian; and founder of the immensely popular, Modern Phoenix Week.

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arco shape with a triangle

Upcoming Events

Arcosanti Immersion Week and Workshops


Learning through hands-on work has been a guiding principle at Arcosanti since the beginning in 1970 and in our 50th year we have launched a whole new set of workshops. Come learn new skills in an immersive learning environment unlike anywhere else on earth.

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Night Concert at Arcosanti Amphitheater

Public Events

Over its 50 years, Arcosanti has a rich history of hosting performing arts programs and events, and connecting around community gathering spaces is a core design element of the Arcology concept. From a classical piano concert to an acrobatic fire circus, Arcosanti has been home to a wide range of performing arts programming.

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Concert at Arcosanti Amphitheater

Educational Experiences

The Cosanti Foundation offers a variety of educational experiences geared toward different ages and audiences. Created in concert with state curriculum guidelines, our Education Department offers age -appropriate in-depth learning that begins before students visit Arcosanti and extends into the classroom afterward. University and adult learning opportunities have also been developed to engage on a higher academic level. Public educational programming like the upcoming Distinguished Lecture Series: Living with the Land – Living in a Harsh Desert Environment, reference Arcosanti’s rich tradition of assembling thought-leaders for an exchange of ideas.

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Submit Your Arcosanti Memory

Does seeing all those Arco-centric symbols in the 50th Anniversary logo take you back? The olive tree grove… “digging deep” with the fork-hand… the 5-tier community circle… the ceramics apse… the cypress trees… the omega seed… the distinctive imagery in this special logo are evocative of a special time spent at Arcosanti for so many.

If so, we want to hear from you! Share your Arcosanti story with us, (please include your name; workshop year, if applicable; and mailing address with your submission and we will send you a limited edition Arcosanti 50th Anniversary Logo decal. Plus your Arcosanti Memory may be published in our e-Newsletter or on our website.

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The Cosanti Foundation is proud to launch its first Membership Program in honor of Arcosanti’s 50th Anniversary!

2020 marks an important milestone for The Cosanti Foundation as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Arcosanti’s founding. We invite you to join us in this celebration by becoming a “Friend of The Cosanti Foundation.” When you become a member, you are joining our diverse community of thinkers and doers in a shared pursuit of a more sustainable world through holistic urban design. Belonging to The Cosanti Foundation as an Arcosanti Member gives you advance notification of upcoming events and programs, free tour passes, discounts on programs and events, hands-on arts workshops and exclusive offers on windbells and other hand-crafted one-of-a-kind products from Cosanti Originals.

arco shape with a triangle

Special Offer

 In recognition of Arcosanti’s 50th Anniversary, we’re launching our Arcosanti Membership Program with an introductory $50 level! We hope to enroll 1,970 members by the end of the year.  Join us and show your support for The Urban Laboratory!


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