Overnight Stay – Guest Rooms

The Greenhouse Guest Rooms

The Greenhouse Guest Rooms at Arcosanti provide a quiet, contemplative, restful space to stay. Each room has its own unique silt-cast design, art pieces, and handmade furniture. All rooms have a view of the Agua Fria River riparian area and the cliffs across the Valletta Canyon, beautifully illuminated by sunrise.

Once onsite, overnight guests will drive down a 1/2 mile dirt road to park below the Greenhouse Guest Rooms, which are then accessible by an inclining footpath with stairs. The rooms have simple-but-elegant amenities, and do not include televisions or refrigerators.

Our café is currently closed, so guests are encouraged to bring their own meals to enjoy in various indoor and outdoor public spaces throughout site. Please also consider supporting other nearby restaurants during your stay. Thank you for your understanding. Additional welcome information for those who choose to stay in our Greenhouse Guest Rooms will be sent via email once a booking has been made.

Please note: Arcosanti primarily uses passive heating and cooling systems, supplemented with space heaters and fans. Not all rooms include air conditioners. ADA-accessible accommodations are available through Airbnb.

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