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At Arcosanti, nature is at the doorstep and is connected to the structures, bringing a diversity of habitats, animals, and plants together. The high desert plains Arcosanti is built upon are in a transition zone between the Sonoran desert to the south and the Colorado Plateau to the north. An abundance of species are found here; in addition to snakes, skunks, scorpions, spiders, coyotes, and centipedes, you’ll also see mule deer and lynx make their home on the surrounding semi-desert grasslands, while bald eagles and red-tailed hawks are often spotted soaring the skies.

The Agua Fria River flows through the 860 acres of land in the canyon below Arcosanti, providing the rare and crucial riparian habitat that over 85% of Arizona vertebrates are dependent upon. Even the non-native and non-invasive Mediterranean olive and cypress trees provide food and shelter for the over 200 species of birds that have been observed and recorded at Arcosanti.

Hiking Trails

Arcosanti is connected to nature so you need only walk out the door and you are in the natural high desert environment. The views on the hiking trails can be breathtaking at any time of day, from sunrise to sunset, from overlooking the Agua Fria River canyon to viewing Arcosanti from afar, perched on its Sonoran Desert mesa. The established hiking trails at Arcosanti are easy to access, well-maintained, and have only a mild to moderate incline so as to be accessible by most walking visitors. However all visitors are advised to hike at their own risk, ensure their own adequate hydration, be aware of natural obstacles and wildlife and use common sense when hiking these or any rugged Southwest trails.

For the safety of all our visitors and guests, Day Visitors are permitted only on the Visitor’s Trail while Overnight Guests may have access to the Valletta Loop, Mind’s Garden, and Tomiaki Trails.

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