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Arcosanti is a place for serenity and solitude, as well as culture and conviviality. Overnight guests get a first-hand immersive experience of life inside the arcology. As an overnight guest, you can enjoy a simple-but-elegant guestroom with beautiful canyon views, where architecture and nature work together.

Unlike day visitors, as an overnight guest, you will have the freedom to explore Arcosanti on your own, taking in our unique architecture and ecology, including our iconic Vaults, Colly Garden, Amphitheater, Music Center, Minds Garden, Swimming Pool, Hiking Trails, Sky Theater (on a clear moonless night, the Milky Way galaxy is easily visible to naked eye), and the 860+ acres of surrounding open nature on our property.

Public wifi is available throughout Arcosanti.

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Overnight accommodations are available for individuals and groups. Reservations are required. All overnight guests will be asked to sign this Release Form upon check-in.

We recommend all overnight guests take our one-hour guided tour (ideally upon arrival), in order to familiarize yourself with Arcosanti’s grounds and learn about the history of our unique project.

Please be advised: Air conditioners are available in all guestrooms, but not in all other areas of site. Please come prepared for extreme variations in temperature, especially during the summer months.

Situated just below the main site, our canyon-side Greenhouse Guest Rooms at Arcosanti are beautiful, quiet, minimalistic spaces. As an overnight guest, you will enjoy gorgeous views from your front door and shared patio, proximity to our swimming pool, and a distinctive handmade and hand-painted silt-cast design on your ceiling.


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Stay in the heart of Arcosanti in our premium Sky Suite. Visit the listing on Airbnb to see images, customer reviews, and amenities, and learn about the distinctive features of this one-of-a-kind space.

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