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As coastal cities faced with climate change consider relocating inland and urban dwellers seek to escape the decaying infrastructure of overcrowded cities, the arcology philosophy offers an answer to the very relevant question: “How will we choose to rebuild?” Soleri’s arcology philosophy has been revisited in the new book, The World as an Architectural Project, as well as in recent articles in Forbes and Architectural Digest, to underscore the notion that there is tremendous knowledge to be found in the past century and a half of visionary architecture as we face re-imagining civilization and rebuilding a habitat for humankind in the next 150 years.

Through a comprehensive collection of Soleri’s own writings as well as monographs of Soleri by esteemed authors, The Cosanti Foundation continues to advance and influence a built world created in balance with the environment. As we confront climate change and other threatening environmental forces, we can appreciate Soleri’s philosophies anew. His radically innovative ideas have attracted new attention in recent years and may be the answer to how we form communities and build cities in the future.

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The Cosanti Foundation is pleased to offer, for the first time, a comprehensive wholesale program for its publications by and about the late architect Paolo Soleri (1919-2013), whose revolutionary “arcology” theory – a blending of architecture and ecology – profoundly resonates with the socially and environmentally conscious architects of today much as it did when first introduced in 1970. In honor of the 50th anniversary of Arcosanti, Soleri’s most important project and influential contribution to the canon of experimental architecture, we have assembled this comprehensive catalogue of scholarly publications.

Students of architecture or urban planning will appreciate Soleri’s philosophies as a stark counterpoint to the “broadacre city” vision of urban development introduced by Frank Lloyd Wright, with whom Soleri had briefly apprenticed in the late 1940s. Less appreciated in his time than Wright, Le Corbusier, Fuller, and others, Soleri’s radically innovative ideas have attracted new attention in recent years.

Appropriate as required or supplementary reading for classes in architecture, urban planning, sustainability, environmental studies, sociology, cultural studies, and psychology, the titles in our wholesale publications program are described in the catalogue and order form below. Additionally, for a limited time, we’re offering two of our most sought-after titles, Lean Linear City: Arterial Arcology and Arcology: The City in the Image of Man with tiered volume-based discounted pricing.

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