Deep Play is the New Immersive Experience Business at Arcosanti

Deep Play is an exciting new venture at Arcosanti for doing 360 degree immersive experiences!

Rob Jameson is the founder and an Arcosanti resident of 6+ years, who manages technology systems (including intelligent light and sound) at Arcosanti. He’s overseen the sound and light for many innovative acts playing Arcosanti’s various performance spaces.

A few years ago, Jameson began a journey to unite the best of what he’d seen at Arcosanti, eventually going beyond what had been done on-premise by building new immersive tools for live performance, group dance, and meditation.

Rob works in the new intelligent lighting and spatial 3D Audio system at Arcosanti.

After many iterations, a new kind of live “venue” was developed that is 360 immersive, multi-sensory, and can be customized to each audience member. The business Deep Play encapsulates the result, by providing a turn-key solution for unforgettable live experiences at Arcosanti and abroad by immersing an audience in an exciting 360 degree enhanced environment.

What is it like?

Flow-state access in a custom sensory playground

Imagine stepping into a circle of 10+ speakers and surrounded by 10,000 warm twinkling blue lights. You put on a personal “subwoofer”, which relaxingly vibrates with an ocean rumble. A performance surrounds you and moves you through a journey that takes your whole body along.

Deep Play a new way to enjoy music, yoga, meditations, storytelling, and other kinds of live experiences in groups. By combining 3D sound, haptics, and immersive lighting, an audience can be transported to new depths.

Some people might remember quadraphonic albums from the 70’s.  Many famous releases like Dark Side of the Moon were actually written to be played back with the audience in the middle of the speakers.  Deep Play takes this concept much further, using more speakers, personal subwoofers, and spatially synced lights to immerse an audience in an environment.

The experience is impossible to communicate in words, so we recommend you come to one of the demo’s at Arcosanti to experience Deep Play yourself!

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