Lexicon Light Production Services LLC

Lexicon Light Production Services LLC has had quite the exciting launch despite the realities of starting an Event Production company at the beginning of a global pandemic. The formation of Lexicon Light LLC as a pilot entrepreneurial endeavor within the Arcosanti Micro-business program has provided Adam Taylor, the now small-business owner, an opportunity to put his skill sets to best use in supporting the growth of Arts and Culture at Arcosanti. Adam has been orbiting Arcosanti since 2017, and became a full-time resident in the Summer of 2019, when he took the last of the traditional 5-week construction workshops. Since then, he has been volunteering in the fabrication and installation of the new LED lighting installation in the Amphitheater, now known as the Arcosanti LAMP Project.

Adam is a Lighting Designer and technician hailing from the world of Live Entertainment. With an educational background in Theatrical Lighting Design, he carries the understanding of Light as a primary storytelling device, which he applies to every form of stage production, whether theater, dance, film, music, sculptural installation, or architectural form. Before coming to Arcosanti, Adam lived in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where he worked for UNC School of the Arts as a Venue Manager and Lighting Specialist, while also working as a freelance lighting designer for several regional theater and dance companies.

It is with this understanding of lighting as a tool of creative expression, that Adam will be teaching Lighting Design workshop programs at Arcosanti, in-line with its educational mission. The first of these workshops will be held October 2nd through 4th, 2020 and the second will be held in December. Within this educational program, participants will learn the basics of stage lighting, as well as build a “Light Laboratory” system in the Colly Soleri Amphitheater, where there will be hands-on experience working with light on 3D models and the unique architecture of the venue. As this educational program grows and funding becomes available, there is an intention of developing Advanced design workshops, as well as workshops geared towards designing and fabricating small-scale, solar-powered lighting systems for off-grid applications.

Another function of Lexicon Light LLC, is providing lighting and AV services for Special Events, such as weddings or small private events which are regularly hosted at Arcosanti. Being such an amazing location to hold unique gatherings and offer specialized experiences, Arcosanti has proved itself to also be a stunning wedding venue. Having in-house lighting design and technical services offered on-site is an equally unique service to be offered by a resident business owner, and a proof of concept in the prototype Arcology model.

The first, and most compelling experience that has been accomplished by Lexicon Light LLC has been the hosting and facilitation of an Artist Retreat Program at Arcosanti. In the first two weeks of August of 2020, Adam hosted four artists from Los Angeles to participate in an experimental, process-focused, creative experience. During the two week intensive, the collaborators focused on cultivating a new mythology, recording a musical soundtrack, choreographing and improvising movement, setting up film shoots around site, editing a film, and screening the final product for the Arcosanti community at the end of the experience. Through this ambitious endeavor, the creative forces of community members already at Arcosanti were incorporated into the process, offering an opportunity for the cross-pollination of artistic expression and blooming of friendship made along the way. The experimental short film, entitled “Light Work,” is currently being submitted to national and international film festivals, but will be available publicly following the screenings at potential festivals. But the Artist Retreat Program is currently being revised and structured into an experience that will be continually offered through Lexicon Light LLC. The overarching goal of this program is to cultivate a wide artistic community and provide opportunities for creators to experience Arcosanti in a unique and meaningful way.

In the years to come, Adam will be growing this business within Arcosanti, and thereby exploring the future of a live entertainment industry full of uncertainty and a need of re-imagining. How will we come together again and experience arts and culture moving forward? It is here and now that Lexicon Light LLC will experiment with what it means to facilitate creative expression as a pillar of Community within the Prototype Arcology, a.k.a the Urban Laboratory, a.k.a. Arcosanti.


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