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It Takes A Village to Harvest Mesquite

Arcosanti has a bounty of Mesquite growing on our property. For many years residents tapped into this local food source through the celebration of an annual harvest followed by a mesquite pancake breakfast. This effort was led by alumni Colleen Reckow, who engaged the whole community for this annual event. This year, Ana Vazquez adopted this practice as part of

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A Community Oriented Approach to Building with the Land

Richard Sanchez first arrived to Arcosanti as a masters student with The School of Architecture. As a first year student during TSOA’s transition from Taliesin West to Arcosanti, Richard had a year to get to know the site and the culture at Arcosanti before entering his thesis year. Upon graduation He decided to remain at Arcosanti and join the foundry

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Cosanti Foundation Newsletter: July 2023

We’re not waiting for cooler weather to get work done. The Cosanti Foundation is moving full speed ahead this summer! See how, in our July Newsletter. To subscribe to our email list and receive future newsletters go here.